what's new billy cat?

what's new billy cat?

welcome to the strange and unique world of music producer and visual artist billy caso.

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New episode with

Radio Alhara!

My latest radio show with Radio Alhara,
a selection of Sci-triphop-jazz-surfwave-ambient-etcetcetc.

Including tracks from Matty, Muriel Grossmann, Hampshire & Foat, The Sweet Enoughs,

Laurence Guy and Arrangement.



out now!

This months episode of the barefoot adventures focuses on Panama, a country diverse in rich wildlife, biodiversity and mixed culture.

I became fascinated with the somewhat electric energy of its musical traditions, ranging from salsa to reggae, jazz, cambia, pastille and tamborito.

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Home Comforts

Episode 12 



As the days grow shorter, the night becomes longer.

No matter who or where you are, we all share one thing, sleep.

Episode 12 of Home Comforts was designed to soundtrack those quieter moments before and during your sleep.


A chance to hear some of my solo modular ambient work and a track written with the dear Acid Pauli also.













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