what's new billy cat?

what's new billy cat?

welcome to the bizarre world of music producer and visual artist billy caso.


Episode 24


This week I dive into Libya, a troubled but hugely historical country situated amongst the Sahara Desert. 

Diving between Libyan Reggae, Funk, Pop, and a handful of traditional pieces.

Cover 3.jpg
Cover 03.jpg

New episode with

Radio Alhara!

My latest radio show with Radio Alhara,
a selection of Sci-triphop-jazz-surfwave-ambient-etcetcetc.

Including tracks from Matty, Muriel Grossmann, Hampshire & Foat, The Sweet Enoughs,

Laurence Guy and Arrangement.


Episode 23


out now!

This months episode of the barefoot adventures focuses on Panama, a country diverse in rich wildlife, biodiversity and mixed culture.

I became fascinated with the somewhat electric energy of its musical traditions, ranging from salsa to reggae, jazz, cambia, pastille and tamborito.

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