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home comforts

Imagine your brain knew what music to play in all those magical little moments of life that might need a soundtrack.

Finding sounds for certain moments of every day human life.

Welcome to Home Comforts

previous episodes


Episode 10


You find yourself and two friends on a carpet ride over psychedelic sands, the sky begins to melt and you lock eyes with an eagle above.

This is Episode 10, welcome to the desert.

Episode 09


You take a trip to the forest to escape the city madness, and remind yourself what you are really part of.

Inspired by my school days and our long nights spent by the campfire, singing, beat-boxing and staring into the abyss of the campfire.

Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 20.39.47.png

Episode 08


Imagine the scenario..
Cigarette lit, red wine on the counter, jazz and blues loud from behind, and a view over the  green pastures. You pick up your paint brush, and thats all you have on your agenda today, painting.

Episode 07


A soundtrack to accompany those gentle, warm and cuddly moments with your friends, family or lover(s).
In a time where we keep physical distance, we can still stay close in our minds.

Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 20.39.31.png

Episode 06


At this time of the year, take a moment to contemplate, reflect and inspire yourself as you look back on the past and into the next year.

This episode of Home Comforts was created for that moment.

Episode 05


A friend once said 'just have a hot bath'.
And I know what she meant, sometimes it is just the perfect answer.
The steam, the warmth and the calmness.

A small bath-length soundtrack for that rejuvenating hour.

Home Comforts - Bath cover.jpg

Episode 04


When the summer returns and the days lengthen, the possibility to travel comes again.
This episode we hit the open road in a camper van with our best friends, flasks of punch and some canned goods.

Episode 03


You get home from the club, drop the keys on the floor, you're tired and your eyes can hardly stay open, but all your friends had the brilliant idea to make an after-hour at yours. Okay then..hmm..
At least there is still a beer or two in the fridge..Hi-fi ON.

Home Comforts - Afterhours.jpg
Home Comforts - Cooking.jpg

Episode 02


Preparing food can be a ritual.
It can calm the mind and focus thoughts in apprehension of smell, taste and quenching hunger.
Oh those cozy moments in the kitchen,
the candles are lit as the smell a meal drifts over you.
Your old friends come round, gathering in the kitchen, while you chop, slice and they open the red.

Episode 01


To begin the series, I thought of no place better than home itself. This could have gone in many directions but I wanted to express what I myself might listen to at home.
I wanted something non-intrusive yet guiding. To accompany working, sleeping, or contemplating your day when you finally turn the lights out.

Tip: Listen at a low volume in your living room or bedroom

home comforts copy.jpg
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home comforts

Restaurant Cover.jpg

Episode 11


A restaurant can be the real thing, candle lit alongside strangers, or in the comfort of your home.
A soundtrack centered around jazz, samba, Brazilian grooves, classical and soul, for your evening dinner among friends and loved ones.

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