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Episode 10


You find yourself and two friends on a carpet ride over psychedelic sands, the sky begins to melt and you lock eyes with an eagle above.

This is Episode 10, welcome to the desert.


Blues Control & Laraaji - Light Ships
John Abercrombie - Timeless
Papir - III, III
Psychic III’s - Rah Wah Wah
Les Rallizes De Nudes - But I Was Different
Spirit - The Other Song
Ultimate Spinach - Jazz Song
The Animated Egg - Sock It My Way
The Rationals - Glowing
The Electric Prunes - General Professional
The Yardbirds - Glimpses
Lonnie Liston Smith, Cosmic Echoes - Sais (Egypt)
Anadol - Görünmez Hava
Tonto’s Expanding Headband - Riversong
Linda Perhacs - Parallelograms
Pauline Anna Strom - Virgin Ice
Bitchin Bajas - 2303

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