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Professional Music Production Course

Professional Music Production Course

€1,600.00 Regular Price
€1,280.00Sale Price


32  Hours

1600 EUROS / 32 HOURS

The ultimate music production package. Finish this course with a detailed / clear understanding of Ableton live, live performance, synthesis, EQ, sampling and much much more. Aimed for the artists who want to achieve full musical detail in their sound and production.

*Includes FREE Billy Caso Sample Pack (6gb original material, loops, hits, fx and modular recordings)





Lesson 0-2
The basics of Ableton, building a beat, moving around the software and  understanding the layout.

Lesson 3-4
Exploring melody, using FX, adding that to your beat.

Lesson 5-6
Understanding samples, making edits, slicing sounds, creating special textures and grooves with samples.

Lesson 7-8
Learning arrangement, track structures, how to build and release tension / emotion in a song.

Lesson 9-10
Exploring FX, adding magic dust to your music

Lesson 11-12
Finalising your track, polishing and preparing it for the mix-down.

Lesson 13-14
Understanding EQ, compression, reverb, Fabfilter VSTS, cleaning up your sounds , panning, gates and more.

Lesson 15-16
Sound design - what can make your track sound truly special?


Lesson 16-18

Reviewing your progress, mix-downs, arrangement, sound design and any problems

Lesson (18-20)

Understanding live performance, exploring different live techniques


Lesson (20-22)

Building a live set with your loops / samples / tracks (part 2)


Lesson (22-24)

Setting up your live set, mapping, performance techniques


Lesson (24-26)

Fine-tuning and polishing the final details of your new live set


Lesson (26-28)

Mix-down and polishing, music review


Lesson (28-30)

Course overview, reviewing your tracks and progress and looking to what comes next for you as a producer.

How are the lessons taught?


Due to Corona regulations, the lessons will be taught via the free video sharing software ZOOM. Zoom is a fantastic software that enables screen/sound-sharing, and a video recording of your lessons.


What do I need to start?

  • A Computer (preferably a Mac-book, as a lot of the software I will share only have Mac licenses)

  • A working built in or external microphone

  • A patience and passion for music

  • A decent internet connection!

What happens after I purchase this pack?


After purchasing this pack, you will be sent all the necessary information to your email, along with access to the lessons timetable, a FREE BILLY CASO SAMPLE PACK and much more.

I will then be in touch to organise a free 1 hour 'hello' session, to get to know each a little, and set up your computer for the course.

Then we should be ready to go!

Hope to see you all soon!

Please note: Check before you buy! Refunds cannot be accepted. I am an independent business and cannot accept responsibility for purchase errors on courses. 

Other Questions?
Please feel free to write me any questions regarding the courses to:

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