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Standard Plus Music Production Course

Standard Plus Music Production Course



1000 EUROS / 20 HOURS


An extended standard course with added incentive, detail on more topics, and more time to finish the projects that are assigned.


More information on the course below.





Lesson 0-2
The basics of Ableton, building a beat, moving around the software and  understanding the layout.

Lesson 2-4
Exploring melody, using FX, adding that to your beat.

Lesson 4-6
Understanding samples, making edits, slicing sounds, creating special textures and grooves with samples.

Lesson 6-8
Learning arrangement, track structures, how to build and release tension / emotion in a song.

Lesson 8-10
Exploring FX, adding magic dust to your music

Lesson 10-12
Finalising your track, polishing and preparing it for the mix-down.

Lesson 12-14
Understanding EQ, compression, reverb, Fab-filter VSTS, cleaning up your sounds , panning, gates and more.

Lesson 14-16
Sound design - what can make your track sound truly special?


Lesson 16-18

Reviewing your progress, mix-downs, arrangement, sound design and any problems


Lesson 18-20

Course overview, reviewing your tracks and progress and looking to what comes next for you as a producer.




How are the lessons taught?


Due to Corona regulations, the lessons will be taught via the free video sharing software ZOOM. Zoom is a fantastic software that enables screen/sound-sharing, and a video recording of your lessons.


What do I need to start?

  • A Computer (preferably a Mac-book, as a lot of the software I will share only have Mac licenses)

  • A working built in or external microphone

  • A patience and passion for music

  • A decent internet connection!

What happens after I purchase this pack?


After purchasing this pack, you will be sent all the necessary information to your email, along with access to the lessons timetable and much more.

I will then be in touch to organise a free 1 hour 'hello' session, to get to know each a little, and set up your computer for the course.

Then we should be ready to go!

Hope to see you all soon!

Other Questions?
Please feel free to write me any questions regarding the courses to:

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