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Episode 19


This episode we visit the ancient lands of Egypt.
From Folkloric, Nubian to Saidi (Upper Egyptian)sounds, we explore
the old and new arabic music where classical instruments such as the oud, qanun and ney are widely used.

The tonal structure of Oriental Middle Eastern music is defined by the maqamat, loosely similar to the Western modes, while the rhythm of Middle Eastern music is governed by the iqa'at, standard rhythmic modes formed by combinations of accented and unaccented beats and rests (wikipedia).

Intro speech(in arabic): @gazbeee


Hurrian Hymn (Ancient Mesapotamian Music 1400BC)
Ancient Greek Dorian Mode
Hamza El Din - Desse Barama
Hamza El Din - Childhood
Mahmoud Fadl - Elnakrazan
Mahmoud Fadl - Halawa Ya
Baligh Hamdl - Zouba
Ammar El Seriyi Day - El Kanabil
Mahmoud Fadl - Ah Ya Lali
Upper Egypt Ensemble - Samah Inoba
Afaf Rady - Tany Tany
Al Massrieen - Men Al Deqiqa
Al Massrieen - Sah
Samir Ghanen Resala
Dekhalk - Ya Omy
Ali Hassan Kuban - Amira
Fayek - Wala Nasi
Baligh Hamdl - The Wanderer
Nuba Nour - Dessy Lemon
Ensemble Al-tanburah - Ya 'Azif Al-Awtar - O Toi, Qui Pince Les Cordes
Mahmoud Fadl - Maqsoum
Ali Hassan Kuban - Mabruk
Mahmoud Fadl - Jibal al Nuba (Mountains of Nuba)
Echoes of Ancient Egypt - Improvisation On An Ancient Egyptian Scale

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